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Nextech Grain Processing & Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd., formerly nextech solutions, is a 10 year old organisation, being promoted by two professionals from the Indian Basmati Rice Industry. The Promoters being industry veterans possess extensive experience from the Grain & Seed Industry.

We are an experienced, friendly, sincere, and always reachable team of professionals committed towards the entire satisfaction of our patrons. Being into the Rice Industry for so long, we exactly know paddy & rice industry “inside out”. Having worked with & for large rice miller exporters makes us different.


Designing & detailed engineering being our strength, we have a definite edge over our competitors in terms of detailed engineering and process control knowhow. Since we are aware of the nitty-gritty’s of the operational challenges as well as the practicalities involved in running and managing large capacity rice mills, we are better placed, not only in terms of experience but also in terms of incorporating effective solutions to the probable day to day operational & realistic problems at the designing stage itself.

Our engineering approach uses the latest computer aided design, engineering and analysis tools to provide the most reliable, efficient and accurate analysis and specifications. Each one of our principal engineers has more than 15 years of experience associated with the rice milling industry. Their commitment to constant growth and improvement provides advanced value-added and cost effective solutions for our clients.


Nextech has proven capabilities and experience with qualified engineers and designers working in our Delhi and Bangalore offices. In our short history, we have met, and often exceeded, our client's expectations. With customer satisfaction as our goal, we develop partnerships and provide services to meet client's financial and operational constraints. Since small savings count for large revenues in the rice business, even the yield recovery to the tune of 0.25% to 0.5% becomes substantial in terms of volume when calculated over a period of 12 months. By-products generated during the milling process also fetch sizeable returns, apt handling and in-process segregation and stacking of the bye products is another major area which needs to be addressed with appropriate and logical designing. Proper designing and accurate engineering results in better yields, lesser brokens, plant present-ability, its cleanliness & aesthetics and above all more up time and over all lesser down time. All of this directly adds upto the increased revenue for our clients. Furthermore, increased uptime with better yields does not only mean more profits & earnings but more importantly the mental satisfaction and overall contentment in these stressful times.

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Our association with our patrons instills great confidence in them for the reason that they feel themselves in “safe hands” and that’s because of our experience, expertise and sense of belonging with the project which places us far ahead of our competition.

Our endeavor has always been to offer our patrons, the maximum benefits by providing logical, technological & commercially optimized solutions which must suit their exact requirements.


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