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Paddy Parboiling

How to Determine the Moisture Content in Paddy?

Moisture content, as we define it, is the weight of water in rice or paddy expressed in percentage. In post-harvest handling, MC is stated on a wet basis (MCwb). Simply put, it’s percentage of water in a wet grain. The… Continue Reading →

Paddy Drying Process In Rice Mills

At the time of harvest, the moisture content of the rice grains ranges between 18 -25%. Post the harvest, the most critical operation is paddy drying. Drying reduces the moisture content in the grain which is a requisite if it… Continue Reading →

The Process Of Making Parboiled Rice

Everyone in the country knows what white rice or a brown rice is. However the awareness about parboiled rice is very limited. So it often happens that you are asked about what is parboiled rice when you tell someone that… Continue Reading →

Different Paddy Parboiling Methods in India

Parboiling involves partial cooking of rice paddy, and soaking, gelatinizing, and drying before milling. The main objective of parboiling is to impart hardness to the grain (without hampering the husk) so that the grain can withstand the milling operations. The… Continue Reading →

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