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Pulses Cleaning

Health Benefits Of Pulses

High In Protein; Great For Vegetarians/ Vegans – Let’s start with a basic one, which you probably know – lentils are a great source of protein. Considering that some of the best protein sources fall are non-vegetarian, such as lean… Continue Reading →

Different Types of Pulses/Lentils

Pulses, meaning Dals in Hindi comes in different types, each having their own advantages (and disadvantages). The special properties of Dals make it a staple diet across the Indian sub-continent. The most common food combination is Rice & Dal or… Continue Reading →

Do You Know, Pulses Need Milling Too!

Not many people know that pulses are turned into lentils (dals) through the process of milling. The dal that you get upon ripping open a packet has undergone a complex process, that begins with dehulling, and ends with weighing and… Continue Reading →

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