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Olam Engages Local Communities for the Rice Harvest

One of the leading agri-businesses, Olam International operates from seed to shelf in more than 60 countries, providing food and raw materials to over 23,000 customers worldwide. With their global rice supply chain and immense market strength, they have successfully… Continue Reading →

Moving Towards Self Reliance: Nigeria Set To Shun Rice Imports

Just like a lot of other countries, Nigeria’s staple food item is rice. It’s one of the largest importers of rice in the African continent. Africa’s most populous country is also the largest consumer of rice. What’s troubling is the… Continue Reading →

Beware! A New Breed Of Chinese Rice Is Here

In our previous blog, we talked about Red rice and its benefits. It may have been very informative for you considering that breed of rice is not popular. You are only aware about White rice, brown rice, parboiled rice, etc…. Continue Reading →

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Eating Rice During Pregnancy

It gets little weird when a person is advised by a doctor to not eat rice during pregnancy. Reason being we love to eat rice. Infact there are people in abundance who prefer eating rice more often than wheat-flour chapattis… Continue Reading →

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