Health benefits of Black Rice

Most of you are aware about white rice, brown rice, and parboiled rice. Reason being these varieties of rice grain is consumed worldwide in numbers and are always the topic of discussion as to which one is the healthiest rice of all. However, today we have a very interesting blog for you. We are going to talk about Black Rice and the advantages it possess. Alright, it’s very probable that you are hearing about Black Rice for the first time. It’s pretty normal considering this kind isn’t very popular as it is found only in a few countries.

Black Rice or Forbidden Rice has been around for centuries but it wasn’t consumed much before. Now though, its proficiency is valued a cut above all the rice brands as it is touted as ‘Super food’ by the people. Black Rice is extremely rich in Anthocyanin, which is an antioxidant that helps remove harmful cells from the body. It’s the same compound that gives blackberries or blueberries the color and high level of antioxidants.

Speaking about the color, Black Rice gets purple when it’s cooked. Scientists recommend buying and cooking the ‘whole black rice’ as it is more pure and contains significantly large amount of nutrients. The major health benefits of Black Rice are as follows: –

1. Presence of high amount of antioxidants helps prevent risk of heart diseases and cancer.
2. Favorable in detoxification of Liver as it removes unwanted substances from the body.
3. Prevents high blood pressure and plaque formation in the heart.
4. Helps fight diarrhea and bowel syndrome.
5. Low sugar content shuns the risk of diabetes and is good for those suffering from the problem.
6. Is more effective than brown rice in protecting against obesity.
7. Contains numerous minerals such as Iron, magnesium, phosphorous, etc that is essential for healthy functioning of the body.
8. It is a source of high protein compared to the polished rice.

Well, counting all the specified advantages of Black Rice, it is clear that this variety of rice grain is a powerhouse of abundance of vitamins and minerals and therefore is superior to its counterparts i.e. white rice, brown rice, and parboiled rice. The one remaining thing as to why Black Rice is called Forbidden Rice and what is the price and availability of it in the global markets we will discuss in our next blog. Till then, stay tuned to our blog for more informative posts regarding wheat and rice grain.