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The Complete Rice Production Cycle

Generally, rice plants take about 3 to 6 months to grow from seedlings to reach maturity, mostly varying according to the environmental conditions and undergo 3 distinct growth phases, which are vegetative, reproductive and ripening. As such, rice varieties across… Continue Reading →

Red Rice And Its Health Benefits

Wheat and rice are the two grains that every living being on this planet consumes. However, the grains come in diverse varieties of which we are aware about mere a few. According to Wikipedia, there are approximately 40, 000 breeds… Continue Reading →

Health benefits of Black Rice

Most of you are aware about white rice, brown rice, and parboiled rice. Reason being these varieties of rice grain is consumed worldwide in numbers and are always the topic of discussion as to which one is the healthiest rice… Continue Reading →

Health Benefits of Rice

The best rice mill Consultant, Nextech Solutions brings to its readers another interesting blog. Rice lovers all over the world really don’t look for reasons to eat rice but many including those that don’t consume rice are quite unaware that… Continue Reading →

Indian Rice Varieties To Try Before You Die – II

Readers of the blog of the provider of the best rice mill machinery, Nextech Solutions would know that we are working on a model of blogging that would keep them apprised with the latest Indian & International happenings in the… Continue Reading →

Indian Rice Varieties To Try Before You Die – I

Your favourite rice mill plant manufacturer India, Nextech Solutions, brings to you another informative blog post. Basmati rice is India’s most popular rice variety, and rightly so, but there are so many others that are just as good, in terms… Continue Reading →

Rice Mill Plant Manufacturer India Talks ‘Broken Rice’

In his article on , our writer, Fahad Khan had discussed the process of rice milling. He talked about broken grains in his writing. To give a brief, paddy is husked (The removal of the outer layer of rice,… Continue Reading →

A Glimpse into Rice

Rice is a staple diet in many countries. It provides almost one-fifth of the required nutrition in a human. Rice is the seed of a grass species called ‘Oryza sativa’. India produces 20-22% of world’s rice. The billion people in… Continue Reading →

Cancer Prevention, Boosting Immunity & More With Brown Rice

Our Blogger/ Writer has mentioned brown rice in several blog posts/ articles, including the one on the process of rice milling, published on . Brown rice are produced as a result of husking/ de-hulling stage of paddy milling, where… Continue Reading →

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