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Why Silos Are The Best Form Of Bulk Storage

“Nextech solutions, India’s leading rice mill plant manufacturer offer solutions that range from processing to storage.” When it comes to storage in agriculture, Silos provide an efficient method of storing bulk quantities of grain. Silos were used in ancient Greece… Continue Reading →

What Happens At a Flour Mill?

Dry/uncooked grains go through a process to form Flour. It is an essential component of our food cycle especially in a country like India. It is the major component of bread which is a staple diet all across the world…. Continue Reading →

Parts of Wheat Kernel & Types of Flour

It’s important to know the parts of wheat grain before learning about the various types of flour. On the outside of the wheat grain is the nutritious bran, rich in dietary fibre. It is very high in the mineral manganese,… Continue Reading →

Latest Technology in Flour Milling Machines

Top-quality flour provides the basis for making high-quality foods. In order to transform grain into flour of unsurpassed quality, specially designed plant and equipment is needed in addition to the knowledge of the relevant process stages. Cleaning Action The raw… Continue Reading →

Flour Milling Process

What is Flour? Flour is the finely ground powdered material obtained from food crops like wheat, corns and pulses. Wheat flour is the most common and is used in production of breads. Dough is prepared from the wheat flour and… Continue Reading →

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